Let’s start this off right.


The days of a paper copy of The Valley Forge are over.

Yes, most copies ended up never leaving the metal bins all over campus. That was a sign of the times and a visual cue that things needed to change. However it was kind of comforting to know it was always there if needed.

Well, we are still always there. We are now right there with you on your phone, tablet, or computer – no bin required.

We have our new main website RVCValleyForge.com which will be updated daily with all the important news, opinion, sports, and entertainment stories from our campus and the world. In addition we have our social media links which include photos and video reports on our facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, and vimeo pages. Our hashtag to find us across all of those platforms is #rvcvalleyforge.

So as we start this new endeavor make sure to check on us frequently, and we hope you will contribute and continue to support us as well. We have a new staff, a new presence, and a renewed purpose to tell the stories that need to be told.

Thanks and have a great semester,

Jerry LaBuy
Faculty Adviser
The Valley Forge

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