Next To Bat: Tim Tebow


There have been many instances in which professional athletes have spoken of leaving their sport to pursue another. Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star and NBA champion LeBron James spoke of departing from basketball to take up a career in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. This all, of course, was just LeBron’s fantasy. However, for Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, this odd fantasy is becoming a reality. Former NFL and NCAA quarterback Tim Tebow has officially begun his baseball career with the 2015 World Series contending New York Mets.

Tebow reported to the Mets’ instructional team stadium early Monday morning. He was listed as the oldest player on the roster by over four years.

With that fact in mind, a professional baseball career, for this

29-year-old college football star, looked impossible, especially considering he had not picked up a baseball bat for a game since high school. Either way, Tebow arrived at the Port St. Lucie, New York ball field in hopes to become an official professional baseball player. Tebow was given jersey number “15” which, in fact, was the same number he wore with the Florida Gators, his college football squad.

After a long morning of showing his skills, Tebow was offered a minor league contract with a $100,000 signing bonus. Tim hopes to

take it one step at a time, with his ultimate goal being up to bat at Citi field in New York. With all things considered, it is unlikely to ever see Tebow play for the Mets, but stranger things have happened in sports. We may yet see some “Tebowing” on the baseball diamond after all.


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