RVC welcomes the new Valley Forge



In years past, the Valley Forge has been the official print news source of Rock Valley College. During a time when a print newspaper was in high-demand, the Forge was much sought after and earned a generous profit.  The success of this print, however, declined as technology became more and more prevalent in our society. There was no turning back from this new era and progress halted with the newspaper. Especially in a news outlet that took weeks, at times even months, to finish and publish.


Now, the Valley Forge has jumped into the 21st century by becoming an online-based news source. Change is important in the technological age and this change will prove to be a wonderful advancement for the world of journalism and writing at RVC.

Along with the different formation of our news, we also welcome the new advisor, Professor Jerry LaBuy, as well as a distinguished staff dedicated to the completion and success of the Forge. From the old staff, Kayley Kaja became the managing editor, Roy Rodriguez the sports editor, and I the Editor-in-Chief. Shelby Primrose is now our multimedia editor, Matt Zito our arts & entertainment editor, and Emily Sotakoun our social media editor. Along with all the new editors, Jasmine Wagner and Melissa Revels work as our staff reporters. While there are still positions that we are looking to fill, this group is well-rounded and open.

As the RVC student-run news source, we serve as the voice of this college community and are always in need of items to report. We also thoroughly enjoy the comments of the college students and professors that inhabit this campus, so contact is always appreciated. We want to know how we are doing and if there are suggestions for how we can improve our work.

Check out our staff bios under the “Valley Forge Staff” tab and get to know us!


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