Voices come together to promote strength


Young adults have strong opinions and voices.

This strength, independence and quest for freedom are things that are instilled into us from our upbringing and important experiences as well as in school and extra-curriculars activities. These voices define who we are as an individual and who we are as a group. Remembering that you have a distinctive voice unique to yourself is vital, especially when in college.

Why are opportunities to use this voice so important? We affect society when we take a stand. Human beings are not meant to be silent, but rather meant to be heard. Feeling loud, joyful, sad, depressed, afraid, or ecstatic are just a few of the hundreds of emotions we feel as a result of putting ourselves out into the world. Emotions are what make us human. Our willingness to display these publicly aids the world in the development of human ideas and how individuals are able to relate to one another based on their ideas.

I am loud and I am proud thus I have the gift and the curse to speak my mind and open myself up to a hard debate. Dissenting opinions only make me want to fight that much harder to sway that belief. But we also should work to understand that there are limits to change and that everyone has a right to practice what they hold to be true. Also that there are people who will make those feel less than they actually are worth based on these faiths.

We have a duty, however, to own up to our beliefs and still dig ourselves deep and hold on through the storm of self-doubt that we face. Raise our voices to the sky and show the strength we each hold. For example, raise your voice in this upcoming election. We must steer away from individuals who intend to harm our society and promote xenophobic, rasist, and misogynistic communities.

You have a right and a duty to vote. So go out and vote!

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