2016 presidential race proves to be a wild ride


This presidential election has been crazy whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Party or other. The candidates have not been ideal for most and it finally all comes to a bittersweet end on November 8.

At 6 pm, CNN’s coverage of the election showed that Donald Trump had 65.0 % of the popular vote, while Hillary Clinton had 30.7%. But this number was quickly changing as more votes were processed, and the percentage was rising in favor of Clinton. Trump was the projected winner for Indiana, with 11 electoral votes, and Kentucky, with 8 electoral votes. Clinton was the projected winner for Vermont, with 3 electoral votes.

According to CBS News, at 7 pm, Clinton was the projected winner of Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and Vermont. She was holding 68 electoral votes. Trump was holding 66 electoral votes and was the projected winner for Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

For the Senate, Tammy Duckworth was the projected winner for Illinois.

Trump rose to 129 electoral votes around 8 pm with the addition of Texas, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Nebraska and Kansas. Clinton’s number rose to 97 electoral votes with the addition of New York.

By 8:30, Trump rose to 137 electoral votes by gaining Louisiana for his projected win. Clinton had earned 104 of the 270 electoral votes by gaining Connecticut. With the addition of Montana and Missouri, Trump rose to 150. With the addition of New Mexico, Clinton rose to 109.

By 10 pm, Clinton gained Colorado and Virginia and California and Hawaii, rising to 190. Trump had 187 as he gained Ohio and North Carolina, both big wins, and Idaho.

Clinton gained Oregon and rose to 197. Trump gained Utah and rose to 194. 10:30 pm, 209 Clinton, Washington and 228 Trump, Florida and Iowa. Trump’s number rose to 244, with Georgia while Clinton’s rose to 215 with Nevada at 11:30 according to ABC news.

With the final addition of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Trump reached above 270 points as the projected winner of the presidency.


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