A year in the life, the return of the beloved Gilmore Girls


*For those who have not yet watched this show, the below content may contain spoilers*

Image result for gilmore girls a year in the lifeNovember 25th could not have come soon enough. For some, it was the celebration of Thanksgiving where families gathered to eat good food and participate in good company. For others it was the preparation and wait for the Black Friday deals. More importantly, however, was the airing of the “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” special.

All the original cast members and more returned for a four-part reunion, where fans of the Stars Hollow girls could finally see what happened to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore eight years after the season finale. This revival featured four, ninety minute episodes in each of the four seasons and was meant to answer all those nagging cliff-hangers from when the show was originally cancelled in 2007.

There was a lot of anticipation concerning the love-life of Rory, whether she would finally end up with Dean, Jess, Logan or someone new. Fans were also wondering if Luke and Lorelai would tie the knot, because speculation was that they had not yet. But fans were wonderfully fulfilled when the couple planned their marriage and then eloped the night before with Rory, Lane, Michel and Reverend Skinner in attendance. And following the death of Richard Gilmore, Lorelai, Rory and Emily all dealt with the loss in their own unique fashion.

This was a celebration of the return of the wittiest, goofiest and hungriest women that television has ever seen. The following of the Gilmore Girls is widespread and grew even more once this special had officially been released. Prior to the release, fans had been focused on binge-watching the other seven seasons on Netflix, or at least a few select episodes which can be found with this link.

But for some, there was great disappointment for the ending of this beloved show, but others had seen it coming all along. The whole theme of Gilmore Girls was centered around experiencing how the women reach “full circle” on the show and emulate one another. With Rory’s final words spouting her pregnancy with Logan’s baby out in the world, fans now understand a few of the key scenes with Christopher and with Lorelai. Now that we know how the show’s creater and director Amy Sherman-Palladino intended for the show to end, fans are both content with the revival and wishing for more episodes to describe Rory’s new life as the editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette, a newly working novelist and as a mother. The return of all the original characters in their prime was a great part of the revival, but some of the scenes were unnecessary and seemed to feature more junk than interest. The production of the “Stars Hollow Musical” was bland and the scenes featuring Sookie and Dean were definitely not long enough. However, showing how Emily’s demeanor changed with the death of Richard was an amazing character development, and Lorelai’s trip as Reese Witherspoon in Wild proved that their are different ways that people need to cope with losing a loved one. The revival was not a complete disappointment and had unique moments that those who watched will forever analyze and remember,



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