Journalism shifts with the world


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How has journalism survived the past few years? Why is it even important to our world?

Media formats change frequently. Print journalism has almost completely shifted into the world of online media. Every major network and publication has made the change in order to keep up with the demand of information right here, right now. With a world of knowledge in our hands, why would we ever doubt information that is easily found? Despite the issues that arise amid this false news epidemic, journalism in its many forms remains a staple. There are many different ways for people to receive information, but not all of that information comes from credible sources. However, information still remains vital.

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Communication is a crucial effort in the world. The mass media is an outlet that is able to promote writing through different formats of communicating. In whatever way the message gets through, the main purpose is to inform. The media also connects people through its different platforms.

News broadcasts that occur daily are one of the many types of journalism upon which people rely. Without the blurbs of current events, how else would the typical American be able to see the goings-on around the world? Broadcasting companies like National Public Radio (NPR), however, function mainly through listeners. Talk radio is another important aspect of communication. Journalists works to deliver information in credible outlets to explain things in terms of the everyday person. This profession continues to be important because communication is key in human interaction.

Journalism has been able to survive because it has adapted. The generation of the current college student is the generation of change. As I earn my journalism degree, I learn new ways to communicate and how to become a better writer. In writing, there is always room for improvement and journalism improves by updating. This career may not always be the best, but it is worth the struggle. Journalism has been battered and advised against, but remains because it is a strong career and is meant for those who are willing to fight to present honest information.

I am proud to be a journalist.


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