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The Kyrie Irving – Isiah Thompson Trade


Pre-season basketball is known to be just as exciting as the regular season. Trade rumors, Gatorade Summer League basketball games, staff changes, and the like are all examples of what can be expected before the regular season begins. Teams hope of transforming and cultivating their rosters to be playoff, and championship finals ready. General managers and front offices of struggling and in some cases, not so struggling NBA franchises, devise trade deals, evaluate contracts, and buy outs to examine very carefully the economy of the league. Notable Eastern Conference giants such as Cleveland and Boston are two teams that engaged in an unprecedented trade deal sparking up new talks of player’s loyalty with their future and potential in their new homes. Only days ago was this rumored trade finalized: the Boston Celtics would gain 2016 NBA Champion and multiple NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving for 2 time NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas along with Jae Crawford, Ante Zizic, and the Brooklyn Net’s 2018 first round draft pick. The real question to ask here is, who got the better end of the deal?


Trade rumors are one of the things that may upset players and franchises due to their lack of honesty and the capacity of false information it can bring. On the other hand, rumors are usually brought up because they are symptomatic of a larger, potentially foreseeable issue. Before rumors of this trade ever occurred, Cavalier fans were stricken with worry that Lebron wanted out of Cleveland altogether. In an article written by, NBA sources said that the 2018 season would be James’s last season in “The Land”. Also worth noting is that Lebron’s relationship with the owners of the Cavaliers was “beyond repair.” Now, although there hasn’t been any substance to these talks as of late, things may not look positive for Cleveland come the 2018 regular season.

Photo by Bleacher Report.

Most of the reasons that were attributed to Kyrie leaving Cleveland was that he was “sick of playing second fiddle.” Meaning, he either didn’t get the limelight he deserved, or thought he didn’t receive the credit he thought he should have. For perspective, you’re playing on one of the best teams in the league with arguably the best player in the league. He earned his ring just as everyone else did on that team in 2016. There are no arguments that he was one of the league’s best point guards, depending on who you ask. Kyrie made the clutch shots to keep them in the running in the 2017 finals, he has some of the smoothest handles anyone has ever seen, and overall, would be a tremendous asset to any team.


For Cleveland fans it may seem hard to understand that Kyrie wanted out and wanted to be somewhere that he knew he could make a real impact. Rumors said that he preferred to go to any of four different places: Miami, San Antonio, New York or Minnesota. Why Boston? The Celtics may have thought if they have a deep enough pocket, and could sacrifice enough, they could receive one of the best offensive players in the league. Boston and Cleveland, being the powerhouses in the Eastern Conference, provided the perfect landscape and opportunity for Irving to show up his former team, and teammates. This was a personal issue for Kyrie. Playing for the Celtics, Kyrie could topple James’ and the Cavaliers hopes of making the NBA Finals for the fourth time in a row. Both teams face off for the first time Wednesday, January 3rd.

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