Inaugural Sports 360 Podcast


Welcome to the debut of The Valley Forge’s Sports Podcast! Listen along as we talk about what’s going on in the world of sports.

The Lineup:

MLB: Postseason Prediction and the AL/NL MVP’s.

NBA: Trades, division picks, and Statement jerseys. (00:23:13)

NHL: Division picks and story-lines heading into the regular season. (00:52:45)

NFL: #BendTheKnee and Season updates. (1:04:09)

NCAA: Cheating scandal and the Sports Death Penalty. (01:23:31)

RVC: Men and Women Soccer and Women’s volleyball updates. (01:29:21)

Journalism updates: Fox Sports online. (01:31:50)



Programming Correction:

  1. The Rockies played the Diamondbacks 19 games at a split of 8 wins and 11 losses. Not 30 as Wilcox had portrayed.
  2. The ending segment that Wilcox spoke on was about Fox Sports web hits were sourced from a tweet from Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch. The numbers Deitsch reported were, “Fox Sports Digital page views for August 19-Sept. 17: 16.7 million. From May 27-June 25: 143.9 million.”
  3. The reference Wilcox made in the Bend The Knee NFL segment was about the notable “no convictions,” that were handed in multiple cases of fatal shootings of African-Americans. (01:06:29)

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