Payday: Stafford’s Super Contract

Football season is back! Kicking off the month means franchises attempt to get the last trades and contract agreements nailed down before the first spike. The preseason provided fans a look at what they can expect to see in the 2018 NFL regular season. It’s time to see who can get their hands on another Lombardi Trophy. While the main headlines this preseason are the early Super Bowl picks, there is one headline that has the league surprised.

Trading Places

The Kyrie Irving – Isiah Thompson Trade

Pre-season basketball is known to be just as exciting as the regular season. Trade rumors, Gatorade Summer League basketball games, staff changes, and the like are all examples of what can be expected before the regular season begins. Teams hope of transforming and cultivating their rosters to be playoff, and championship finals ready. General managers and front offices of struggling and in some cases, not so struggling NBA franchises, devise trade deals, evaluate contracts, and buy outs to examine very carefully the economy of the league. Notable Eastern Conference giants such as Cleveland and Boston are two teams that engaged in an unprecedented trade deal sparking up new talks of player’s loyalty with their future and potential in their new homes.

NBA Finals: Game 1

Warriors Reign Game One

The Golden State Warriors remain undefeated in the postseason and took the reigns early on in the NBA Finals with a 1-0 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, with a final score of 113-91. Both teams are delivering the hype and Game 1 did not disappoint. Lebron and co. couldn’t stop the massive performance from Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry putting up 38 points and 28 points respectively. History favors the opposing team facing Lebron in the first game (James’ record is 1-7 in all game 1s in the finals he’s participated in), but this series is far from over.

The Unprecedented Legacy of Alan Webb

The outdoor track campaign is upon us with the spring weather and cool crisp air. These signs show track athletes across the nation are strapping on their spikes and waiting in anticipation for the weekend. Athletes will run their fastest, throw their furthest, and jump their highest. Young athletes usually have some sort of role model to look up and follow their example in hopes of becoming as great as they were. Each sport has their Michael Jordan.

The Patriots: An Ode to Super Bowl LI and the offseason

The New England Patriots sealed their legacy with a thrilling 34-28 overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons, making this Super Bowl victory the 5th of the dynamic duo of coach Belichick and quarterback Brady have won together. The 2016-17 quest for the Lombardi Trophy began rocky and eventually smoothed out, but had many sport pundits wondering if they would even make the playoffs. The Patriots are a fine tuned machine that does not disappoint and they showed up ready to play in the first game. New England started the season with a 4 game suspension of starting quarterback Tom Brady. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed the suspension as the final act of the league’s infamous investigation of “Deflate-gate.” That left the Patriots in an awkward situation to start the season.

Super Bowl LI Preview

Super Bowl 51 is airing Sunday, February 5th in Houston, Texas. The AFC representatives are the New England Patriots and the NFC representatives are the Atlanta Falcons, two football powerhouses playing for Super Bowl glory, but only one will emerge the victor. Who do you have? Let’s start with the AFC Champions, the New England Patriots. Renowned quarterback Tom Brady and his offense have proven to be a force reckoned with out on the field.