Mosaic World Film Festival 2017

The Mosaic World Film Festival (MWFF) celebrated its 10th year this weekend. The MWFF did not disappoint in its milestone year. Over 60 films were screened over the weekend. Short films made in the U.S. to feature-length films from all over the world were played, and these variety of films added to spectacular sessions an attendee could choose see. This is a unique event with films that can’t be streamed to your TV and President of MWFF, Jerry LaBuy, points out “Netflix and Hulu don’t have what we offer.

Existence: America’s love for the conspiracy theory

A belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. President Bush planned the attacks on 9/11, the government is covering up the fact that aliens have visited Earth, scientists have been ignoring the existence of Bigfoot for years. Years ago people would have been dismissed as lunatics if they believed any of these but now more and more people are starting to believe that everything is not what it seems.

In today’s technological landscape, people have constant streams of news and ideas are so easy to put out there that everyone shares theirs. People are also more connected than they have ever been, although it may not seem like it with everyone staring at their phones. But, through the internet, people with similar mindsets are bound to find each other and no one is really alone anymore.

The five best dance numbers of all time

When I survey the landscape of the music industry today, so many passionate and visionary artists come into view. These are people who heard the murmur of the world uniquely, and somehow possessed the discipline and talent to channel it in a beautiful way. Some mark a significant turn of an era or revolution of thought. Most all found it as a refuge; a release for elation, confusion or heartbreak. Music can also be a narration to everyday life. How much more enjoyable is driving in the car with a playlist or studying with a soundtrack? If there’s one thing that I especially love, it is to see music visually come to life in movements of sound and pattern.

Leslie Knope: the most influential person I’ve never met

Almost all the people in my life who have come along and inspired me are powerhouse women. Luckily, I’ve had many interactions with them, but one of these inspirational kickass women I have never met, and probably never will. That woman is Leslie Knope from NBC show Parks and Recreation. Why Leslie Knope? Here are 7 reasons why she is the best.

Past, Present and Future: a look at RVC’s Mass Communication

Writer, director, editor, cinematographer, producer, sound engineer, production assistant – these are just a few of the titles one can prepare for in the Mass Communication program at Rock Valley College. Regardless of age, gender or experience, everyone is welcome with open arms by the staff and students. Whether you’re looking to edit your own home movies or produce feature films in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York City, Mass Com is a great place to start. Alumni of the program have gone on to jobs in the industry in Chicago and Los Angeles as well as transferred to four year universities like Columbia and the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Others have started not-for-profits to help out directors with trailers for their films and produced documentaries on the Chicago Cubs historic season.

A year in the life, the return of the beloved Gilmore Girls

*For those who have not yet watched this show, the below content may contain spoilers*

November 25th could not have come soon enough. For some, it was the celebration of Thanksgiving where families gathered to eat good food and participate in good company. For others it was the preparation and wait for the Black Friday deals. More importantly, however, was the airing of the “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” special. All the original cast members and more returned for a four-part reunion, where fans of the Stars Hollow girls could finally see what happened to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore eight years after the season finale.