Go For A Stroll On State

The holidays are right around the corner and so is the Fifth Annual Stroll on State event
in Rockford, IL. Stroll on State is traditionally held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which means this year’s festivities will be on November 25 from 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. The event will kick off with the Stroll on State holiday parade, commencing at 3 p.m. from the Rockford Public Library on Wyman Street. The parade will then travel south to State Street, cross the bridge, and end at 3rd Street. Children can enjoy creating holiday crafts and writing letters to Santa. After a wagon ride or ice skating, you can warm up by the Fire & Ice display.

Ecosystem Comeback

Rock Valley College’s Environmental Science Club featured a presentation about the comeback of 3 main components of Northern Illinois’ original ecosystem. The club’s president, Devin Saunders gave the presentation. The 3 original components are the Black Bear, Grey Wolf, and Mountain Lion. At first, this appears unnerving, but the presentation worked toward the goal that this is a really good thing. When civilization really took off in Rockford the settlers drove out these animals from the region.

Climate Change at RVC

This past weekend at Rock Valley College, Professor Brian Wagner gave a lecture about climate change, “One Earth.” His approach was different to the issue than most that are available to listen to on a podcast or on cable news. The goal of the lecture was to meet an understanding of how environmental ethics, science, and religion can agree and support each other on this argument. Instead of the norm of polar opposites. The idea is one of two things, the argument from ignorance or the argument from design.

One Earth Lecture

Rock Valley College will host the One Earth lecture on Saturday at 10 A.M. Professor Brian Wagner will deliver the lecture in the Student Center Atrium. The event is sponsored by Promoting an Inclusive Community (PAIC) and Unity In Diversity (UID). This is geared towards how environmental ethics, science, and religion can work together on the ever growing issue of climate change. If any more information is needed, call 815-921-3367 or email UnityInDiversityRockford@gmail.com.

Snow-cone Walkway

A beautiful 80 degree day ruled the campus at RVC. As students who walked by the main walkway in between CL1 and the ERC to the Student Center had the opportunity to get a free, cool treat. Intervarsity, one of RVC’s student clubs on campus, ran a free snow-cone stand. It would’ve been hard to miss because of the popularity of the walkway; also the significant lines of students waiting their turn for a snow-cone was a clear giveaway. The snow-cone stand was there from 10-2.

Fall 2017 Semester Begins!

Tomorrow marks the start of the Fall 2017 semester at Rock Valley College. Here at The Valley Forge we’re excited for what this year has in store for all of us. RVC is bustling with activities for many students, new and returning. There are film festivals around the corner, sports events to attend, and club activities that will give plenty of chances to make new friends. Last semester was fun, full of good stories.

Luis Rodriguez Regenerates RVC

“The way he spoke was with power and dignity,” said Matt Kloos, RVC student. “[Luis] made people feel welcomed with their previous baggage,” said Dan Persanger. “Listening to someone who has a different story is so helpful. There is a lot you can learn from listening [to other people],” said Bailey Sanderson. These were just a few of the numerous raving reviews that were coming out of the PEC Building Wednesday night.

Rockford local and municipal election results


Here are all the updated election appointees throughout the city of Rockford. Rockford Mayor: Tom McNamara

Rockford Township Assessor: Ken Crowley

Rockford Township Trustee: Nancy Johnson, Frank Manzullo, Kenneth Staaf, David Vella

Rockford Township Supervisor: Jasper St. Angel

Rockford Township Clerk: Carl Wasco

Rockford Township Highway Commissioner: Daniel Conness

Winnebago Township Supervisor: Gregory Hodges

Rockford School District 205 School Board District F: Michael Connor

Ward 1: Timothy J. Durkee

Ward 2: Jonathan Klarer Logemann

Ward 3: Chad Tuneberg

Ward 6: Natavias Ervins

Ward 7: Ann Thompson-Kelly

Ward 9: William Rose

Ward 10: Franklin Beach

Ward 12: John Beck

War 13: Linda McNeely

Rock Valley College Trustee (6 year term): John Nelson and Jennifer Ray

Rock Valley College Trustee (2-year term): Paul Gorski

RVC Board and Administration crack down on campus campaigning

The state of Illinois has policies in place which prohibit the display of campaign propaganda on the Rock Valley College campus premises. This enforced policy can be seen by the lack of campaign signs around the campus and in employee offices, and with teachers not wearing propaganda in support of certain candidates. There is only one place where this policy does not apply: personal vehicles. However, on Monday, March 27, the Vice President of Human Resources Jessica Jones sent an email containing the following:
As we move closer to the April 4th election, I have been requested to remind employees that displaying campaign signs on campus for any candidate and/or any public proposition is a violation of RVC Board Policy 1:10.010 (Code of Ethics), Section 6A as it constitutes a prohibited political activity. Such displays may also violate Board Policy 2:10:100 (Solicitation) as it implies that the College supportsa candidate or public proposition.

European countries show solidarity for London, U.S. takes different approach

In light of the London terrorist attack which left 3 dead and 40 injured, Europe has reached out to show their support. The suspect, Khalid Masood, 52, was responsible for the most horrific attack on the United Kingdom in 12 years. According to the New York Times, Masood drove his car onto Westminster Bridge and hit a crowd of pedestrians. Officers responded by shooting and killing the perpetrator. Paris, France showed their solidarity with London by blacking out the Eiffel Tower.