Climate Change at RVC

This past weekend at Rock Valley College, Professor Brian Wagner gave a lecture about climate change, “One Earth.” His approach was different to the issue than most that are available to listen to on a podcast or on cable news. The goal of the lecture was to meet an understanding of how environmental ethics, science, and religion can agree and support each other on this argument. Instead of the norm of polar opposites. The idea is one of two things, the argument from ignorance or the argument from design.

One Earth Lecture

Rock Valley College will host the One Earth lecture on Saturday at 10 A.M. Professor Brian Wagner will deliver the lecture in the Student Center Atrium. The event is sponsored by Promoting an Inclusive Community (PAIC) and Unity In Diversity (UID). This is geared towards how environmental ethics, science, and religion can work together on the ever growing issue of climate change. If any more information is needed, call 815-921-3367 or email

Snow-cone Walkway

A beautiful 80 degree day ruled the campus at RVC. As students who walked by the main walkway in between CL1 and the ERC to the Student Center had the opportunity to get a free, cool treat. Intervarsity, one of RVC’s student clubs on campus, ran a free snow-cone stand. It would’ve been hard to miss because of the popularity of the walkway; also the significant lines of students waiting their turn for a snow-cone was a clear giveaway. The snow-cone stand was there from 10-2.

Fall 2017 Semester Begins!

Tomorrow marks the start of the Fall 2017 semester at Rock Valley College. Here at The Valley Forge we’re excited for what this year has in store for all of us. RVC is bustling with activities for many students, new and returning. There are film festivals around the corner, sports events to attend, and club activities that will give plenty of chances to make new friends. Last semester was fun, full of good stories.

Luis Rodriguez Regenerates RVC

“The way he spoke was with power and dignity,” said Matt Kloos, RVC student. “[Luis] made people feel welcomed with their previous baggage,” said Dan Persanger. “Listening to someone who has a different story is so helpful. There is a lot you can learn from listening [to other people],” said Bailey Sanderson. These were just a few of the numerous raving reviews that were coming out of the PEC Building Wednesday night.

RVC Board and Administration crack down on campus campaigning

The state of Illinois has policies in place which prohibit the display of campaign propaganda on the Rock Valley College campus premises. This enforced policy can be seen by the lack of campaign signs around the campus and in employee offices, and with teachers not wearing propaganda in support of certain candidates. There is only one place where this policy does not apply: personal vehicles. However, on Monday, March 27, the Vice President of Human Resources Jessica Jones sent an email containing the following:
As we move closer to the April 4th election, I have been requested to remind employees that displaying campaign signs on campus for any candidate and/or any public proposition is a violation of RVC Board Policy 1:10.010 (Code of Ethics), Section 6A as it constitutes a prohibited political activity. Such displays may also violate Board Policy 2:10:100 (Solicitation) as it implies that the College supportsa candidate or public proposition.

SGA hosts an open forum with RVC president

Administrators, faculty and students gathered in the Atrium for an open forum with Dr. Doug Jensen on February 20. Rock Valley College’s Student Government Association began the event at 3 p.m. with an introduction from Student Trustee Nathanael Webber and current SGA President, Levi Sommerville. Sommerville participated as the moderator, posing questions to the RVC president. SGA posed the first question concerning how Jensen first became involved with RVC. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Jensen attended a community college himself and jumped at the chance to become the president of RVC years later. He believes that while Rockford is a challenged community, it is a city dedicated to change, which is exactly what attracted him to this new career opportunity.

January 2017 RVC events

The 2017 spring semester has begun at Rock Valley College, and already there is no shortage in upcoming events for January.  

The college campus will be closed on Monday the 16 in observance of Martin Luther King Junior Day.  

In the world of basketball, there are different events to choose from to attend:
Tonight at 5:30 p.m., the women’s basketball team will face Malcolm X College in the Physical Education Center. The men’s and women’s teams will both be playing against Milwaukee Area Technical College on January 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the PEC. On the 21, Rock Valley College will host the fourth annual Rumble in the Rock basketball tournament beginning at 10 am and will feature four Rockford area high schools as well at RVC’s own basketball teams. After the tournament, the Golden Eagles will come up against Triton College with the women playing at 4 p.m. and the men playing at 8 p.m.
Madison College’s teams will travel to RVC’s PEC on the 25 to play against the women at 5:30 p.m. and the men at 7:30 p.m.
On the 28, Joliet Junior College will play the women’s basketball team at 1 p.m. and the men’s team at 3 p.m.

January 18 is the last day that students are able to drop a spring semester class in order to receive a refund.

RVC features stress expo in ERC

The Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society held an event in the ERC on November 28 in order to raise awareness for stress among college students. As part of an initiation process for this society, the group contacted the RVC campus officials to help educate students on the dangerous symptoms of anxiety and depression that are common around finals time. With final exams about two weeks away, RVC students must develop techniques to deal with the stress of studying and preparing for the end of the semester. The fundraiser teamed up with Circle of Wellness, a massage therapy organization which specializes in acupuncture, chiropractics, reflexology, nutrition, massage and rehab, and provided free massages for people who wanted them. Observed students who received their own massage promptly noted that they felt entirely relaxed and that they had not realized how stressed and tense they had felt.






Massage therapy was not the only stress free option available.

The Valley Forge hosts recruitment this week











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