How to ace your finals, study tips from the Valley Forge

College students are accustomed to stress. With all the essays, projects, exams and quizzes we have to prepare for, it’s not uncommon to hear students getting little sleep and feeling run down from everything they have to prepare for. These feelings of anxiety are doubled the last couple weeks before finals. There are some that have the general anxiety, but are prepared for the tests, and then there’s those who are stressed to the maximum and are worried they will not pass. According to College Fashion, now is the appropriate time to begin really putting in the work for finals.

Surviving through the holiday with a few thanksgiving musts

Now that all the ghosts and goblins are out of the way, it’s time to focus on the turkey and pumpkin pie sure to come our way in the next week. It’s time to focus more on family and less on the creepy little monsters coming to our doors and saying, “TRICK OR TREAT!” To be prepared for the Thanksgiving spirit, here’s a short list of ideas to get behind you so you’re not left sitting at the kids table again this year. 1. Snag your spot at the “adult table” somewhere in the middle so you’re not stranded on the end or worse… “the kids’ table”
This is a skill I just learned last year after my mom and I – yes, my MOTHER and I were stuck at the kids’ table. Sit in the kitchen while the rest of the women of the house are in there cooking and grab a plate as soon as the food is ready.

How to stay focused, tips for college students

The hardest thing for us students to do after a long day at school is to relax. Kick off your shoes, change into your “comfy clothes” and settle into your bed with a tasty snack to tide you over until dinner. But what about those nights when you have piles of homework to do or have endless pages of papers to write? You settle into the one spot where you know you’re bound to get at least one thing done, whether be that your desk, your bed, or a comfy couch, and make sure you do these 4 simple things to help make it easier to stay focused on what really needs to be done. 1.

The anatomy of losing, the personal experience of Cam Newton

Losing. People hate it but it almost inevitably happens. Even seeing or hearing the word can make people cringe with disappointment and regret. What most people don’t realize is is that losing is what propels you to success. Consistent failure is what produced who Michael Jordan became as an athlete, in his own words.

Are You Too Old To Trick-Or-Treat?


On Halloween night, you can expect to see gaggles of children escorted by parents, older siblings, aunts, uncles or family friends. You can expect to see dogs, parents and babies too young to know what’s going on or that they should enjoy the candy they have earned by being dressed up as they have been. As a trick-or-treater, you knock on doors and expect to be greeted by some person who is too old to trick-or-treat (whether an adult or young-adult) and are instead spending their Halloween evening at a party, holding down the fort at home to greet trick-or-treaters or watching scary movies, after the Charlie Brown special. You can expect all this and more, and not think anything out of the ordinary; children are getting dressed up and leaving the house, parents are escorting and plotting which pieces of sugary goodness to take for themselves from their children’s loot later on, teenagers are, preferably, off the street and keeping out of trouble, and all is normal, and all is well. But is it normal?

Ignorant bliss, the truth about plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles are probably one of the oddest developments that are still widely used in our society.  According to, the American people buy more than 500 million bottles of water every week, which is enough to wrap around the Earth five times.  What’s even more surprising is that plastic water bottles have a negative impact on your wallet, on your health, and on the environment as a whole.  It’s time to stop living in ignorant bliss and to start thinking about what your actions are really doing.  

First of all, let’s talk about money. According to, to get your recommended amount of water every day from the tap would cost roughly $.49 a year, while that same amount of water in plastic bottles can cost $1,400 a year.  Think of what you could do with that money.  With an extra $1,400 in your pocket each year, you could go to the movies 136 times, go to Disney World 10 times or fly to Europe.  

Now, you might be thinking that you don’t like the taste of tap water, that’s fine because there are a lot of different kinds of filters you can buy that will still save you tremendous amounts of money each year while giving your water the flavor you want.  

Speaking of flavor, here’s the reason you don’t like the taste of tap water: chlorine.  According to The Water Research Center, chlorine is put into your tap water to kill harmful bacteria, which is something not found in your Dasani or Aquafina water.  Without chlorine in the water, plastic bottles are very vulnerable to bacteria which means that you are too, and this isn’t even the biggest health concern with drinking this water.

Treat or trick, the clown craze

There is no doubt that 2016 has been one of those difficult years. Mayhem and tragedy have come hand in hand in the United States, and in the world. As 2016 nears its end, the hope is prevalent that events will calm down in 2017. But now the reigning terror of clowns has begun. Clowns have been receiving a bad rep for a while now.

RVC welcomes the new Valley Forge

In years past, the Valley Forge has been the official print news source of Rock Valley College. During a time when a print newspaper was in high-demand, the Forge was much sought after and earned a generous profit.  The success of this print, however, declined as technology became more and more prevalent in our society. There was no turning back from this new era and progress halted with the newspaper. Especially in a news outlet that took weeks, at times even months, to finish and publish.

Voices come together to promote strength

Young adults have strong opinions and voices. This strength, independence and quest for freedom are things that are instilled into us from our upbringing and important experiences as well as in school and extra-curriculars activities. These voices define who we are as an individual and who we are as a group. Remembering that you have a distinctive voice unique to yourself is vital, especially when in college. Why are opportunities to use this voice so important?

Let’s start this off right.

The days of a paper copy of The Valley Forge are over. Yes, most copies ended up never leaving the metal bins all over campus. That was a sign of the times and a visual cue that things needed to change. However it was kind of comforting to know it was always there if needed. Well, we are still always there.