Sports 360 Episode 3

On episode 3 of Sports 360 we talk about:

RVC Golden Eagles updates (womens soccer/volleyball and mens soccer)
MLB ALCS and NLCS (0:05:50)
NBA Preseason (0:20:44)
NHL regular season updates (0:45:00)
AHL Icehogs (1:00:00)
NFL regular season updates (1:03:30)
NCAA ranking analysis (1:25:00)
USMNT disaster #IcelandSmites (1:33:30)


Rockford plays host to Ocktoberfest

This Saturday, October 1st, Rural On Tap will be hosting Rocktoberfest 2016! Rocktoberfest is a kid-friendly outdoor live music event featuring the best German and American Octoberfest brews, and more! “We’ll have several rare tap offerings, a stein holding competition contest for men and women, and lots of food and fun for the whole family,” says Maggie Slankard, General Manager of Rural On Tap. Steinholding is a strength contest in which competitors hold a full one-liter beer out in front of their bodies with a straight arm, parallel to the ground until they’re the last standing, or lifting in this case. Music starts with the 2014 RAMI award winners for best tribute band, Tattoo You from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Power Trip from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Admission is only a $3 donation with all proceeds going to benefit The Northwest Community Center of Rockford. This charity is an important element to the Rockford of history.

Video: Local Band Pink Beam Celebrates Album Release

Three bands, all originating in the Rockford, area performed at Culture Shock last weekend. To hear more from these bands, follow these links:

Next To Bat: Tim Tebow

There have been many instances in which professional athletes have spoken of leaving their sport to pursue another. Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star and NBA champion LeBron James spoke of departing from basketball to take up a career in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. This all, of course, was just LeBron’s fantasy. However, for Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, this odd fantasy is becoming a reality. Former NFL and NCAA quarterback Tim Tebow has officially begun his baseball career with the 2015 World Series contending New York Mets.

RVC welcomes the new Valley Forge

In years past, the Valley Forge has been the official print news source of Rock Valley College. During a time when a print newspaper was in high-demand, the Forge was much sought after and earned a generous profit.  The success of this print, however, declined as technology became more and more prevalent in our society. There was no turning back from this new era and progress halted with the newspaper. Especially in a news outlet that took weeks, at times even months, to finish and publish.

Review: clipping. – Splendor & Misery

Splendor & Misery
clipping. Sub Pop Records
hip-hop / experimental / noise

It is within human nature to choose sides. No matter how far you look back, there is tension between two factions. Democrats versus Republicans. North versus south, east versus west. Slaves versus traders.

Voices come together to promote strength

Young adults have strong opinions and voices. This strength, independence and quest for freedom are things that are instilled into us from our upbringing and important experiences as well as in school and extra-curriculars activities. These voices define who we are as an individual and who we are as a group. Remembering that you have a distinctive voice unique to yourself is vital, especially when in college. Why are opportunities to use this voice so important?

Let’s start this off right.

The days of a paper copy of The Valley Forge are over. Yes, most copies ended up never leaving the metal bins all over campus. That was a sign of the times and a visual cue that things needed to change. However it was kind of comforting to know it was always there if needed. Well, we are still always there.