Sports 360 Episode 7

This is the first episode of Sports 360 in 2018! Some of the major themes we talk about are the CFP Championship Game, NFL Playoffs, NBA rankings, NHL rankings, and a brief outlook of RVC Basketball. Enjoy!  


RVC Student Trustee Q & A

Devin Saunders is the new Student Trustee for the rest of this semester and through the Spring 2018 semester. He was officially sworn on December 5, 2017. The Valley Forge sat down with the Student Trustee to go over what the general student body needs to know about the process, purpose, and promotion of the role. As well as what is on the schedule to look out for. Readers can either read a summary of the Q & A below or listen to the interview.

Teachers Make an Impact

It was the start of sophomore year at Boylan in 2012. The ladies were wearing plaid skirts, and the gentlemen were wearing suits and ties. The lockers were a light beige stretching down the hallways, and all I could remember was feeling lost and thinking, ‘How the heck am I going to get through this year? Freshman year was awful.’ Things changed once a new theology teacher occupied room 213. There will be people that cross paths that end up making an impact no matter how big or small, in someone’s life.

Go For A Stroll On State

The holidays are right around the corner and so is the Fifth Annual Stroll on State event
in Rockford, IL. Stroll on State is traditionally held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which means this year’s festivities will be on November 25 from 2 p.m. – 9 p.m. The event will kick off with the Stroll on State holiday parade, commencing at 3 p.m. from the Rockford Public Library on Wyman Street. The parade will then travel south to State Street, cross the bridge, and end at 3rd Street. Children can enjoy creating holiday crafts and writing letters to Santa. After a wagon ride or ice skating, you can warm up by the Fire & Ice display.

World Religions Trip

In America many different religions are practiced. Not everybody ventures out to see what other religions are like outside of their own, and why others practice their certain beliefs. Recently I went with a group of students from RVC’s World Religions class to see four different religious sites and learn about what they do. This photo is a picture of the Buddhist Temple in Cherry Valley. It was interesting to see how the monks on the scene live.

NBA’s Star Rookies

This year’s NBA rookie talent is at an all-time high chock full of new prospects and promising futures. While most people were focused on Lonzo Ball and the phenomena that was created around him, new faces like Markelle Fultz, Jayson Tatum, and Ben Simmons are all proving that they are worth the hype. The NBA offseason was insane this year due to the amount of offseason trades and new acquisitions which created only more anticipation for opening night. Knowingly, the teams with the worst seasons of the previous year have the highest chance of gaining new talent in hopes to revitalize their franchise. This season, may have the most potential of turning the dominant tide in both the Western and Eastern Conferences.

Rockford Record Crawl

Rockford is full of music and vinyl lovers. We are lucky enough to have four amazing local record shops collaborate to meet the needs of avid music listeners around town. Those four shops are Toad Hall, CD Source, Culture Shock, and Kate’s Pie Shop Cafe and Records. On Saturday, October 21st, the 4th annual Rockford Record Crawl (RRC) had a huge turnout! According to Culture Shock’s Facebook page, 25% more people attended this year’s Record Crawl than last year’s.

Sports 360 Episode 5: Hot Takes

In episode 5 of Sports 360, Ryan and John are joined by Nate Talan, Nick Talan, Max Burke, and Mike Leaman. This large cast allows an opportunity for more commentary on multiple pressing issues like “Super Teams” and the NBA becoming competitive again. The Houston Astros were just crowned the World Series Championship on Wednesday. Game 5 between the Astros and Dodgers may have been one of the best Series games in its history. NFL updates are given, in addition to early predictions for the AFC and NFC Championships.

Championship Insights

As the clock strikes 3, it’s usually time for practice when you’re in Athletic Director/Women’s Basketball Coach Misty Opat’s world. However, this was special. Opat and her team of coaches and assistants had just finished setting up for a 16-team preseason JUCO (Junior College) basketball jamboree, here at Rock Valley’s Physical Education Center aka The Nest. The line to get in this tourney is wait-listed and elusive to enter. All day long she is tending to the pressing tasks that mount each day.

Mind Over Matter: A Rock Valley Student Overcomes the Impossible

Last year, Morgan Gile seemed to be as normal and healthy as anyone else.  She loved running on the track team in high school, singing in choir and dancing in musicals.  She was working at Subway and a nursing home in Byron while also attending Rock Valley College as a full-time student. Morgan was going to school to be an artist.  She wasn’t sure what field of art she wanted to focus on, but she knew she wanted to create for the rest of her life.  She and her boyfriend Aaron lived in an apartment in Stillman Valley.  Everything seemed to be going very smoothly for Morgan, until she got the flu. In September of 2016, Morgan began to feel very sick.  She was constantly dizzy, had a fever and was throwing up.  She tried to push through it, thinking it was the flu and she would get over it soon enough.  But the sickness just kept getting worse.  Morgan could hardly stand without passing out from being so dizzy. She could not stop puking.  Morgan told her boyfriend to call an ambulance.  She knew that this wasn’t the flu.