Sports 360 Episode 3

On episode 3 of Sports 360 we talk about:

RVC Golden Eagles updates (womens soccer/volleyball and mens soccer)
MLB ALCS and NLCS (0:05:50)
NBA Preseason (0:20:44)
NHL regular season updates (0:45:00)
AHL Icehogs (1:00:00)
NFL regular season updates (1:03:30)
NCAA ranking analysis (1:25:00)
USMNT disaster #IcelandSmites (1:33:30)


Voices come together to promote strength

Young adults have strong opinions and voices. This strength, independence and quest for freedom are things that are instilled into us from our upbringing and important experiences as well as in school and extra-curriculars activities. These voices define who we are as an individual and who we are as a group. Remembering that you have a distinctive voice unique to yourself is vital, especially when in college. Why are opportunities to use this voice so important?