Sports 360: NBA All-Star Break & the Olympics

On this episode of Sports 360 we talk about:

NBA All-Star Break

Hot Takes

MLB Pitchers and Catchers report

Cubs sign Yu Darvish
Free Agency Pool

Super Bowl 52

Fly Eagles Fly

NHL Updates


Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

Gold Medal Count
USA updates
Favorite Events

SpaceX Successful with Falcon Heavy Rocket

Nicholas Vaultonburg- On February 7th, SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy rocket. The Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket ever launched, more than doubling the carrying capacity of a NASA space shuttle. It’s also reusable, as its thrusters autonomously land on barges at sea. The launch happened at 3:45 EST as over 100,000 people had gathered near the Kennedy Space Center’s LC-39A rocket platform to watch the launch. The event was live-streamed on every major platform and had millions of viewers watching as the launch happened without any notable complications aside from a short delay due to unfavorable winds.

Sports 360: Super Bowl 52

On this week’s episode of Sports 360 we discuss:

NBA Standings

Blake Griffin trade
Lebron speculation
City Jerseys
Hot Takes

NHL All-Star game

MacKinnon is out for 2-4 weeks. MLB Trades

Chief Wahoo logo removal from Cleveland

NFL Super Bowl 52 predictions

Alex Smith is traded to Washington
Where will Kirk Cousins go? Thanks for listening!

Sports 360 Episode 10: NBA All-Star Snubs

On this episode of Sports 360 we talk about:

RVC Basketball
NBA All-Star selections

Regular season updates
Hot Takes

NHL All-Star selections

Regular season updates

Super Bowl LII

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles



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MLK Day: Moving Forward

As Americans celebrated Martin Luther King (MLK) Day a few weeks ago, it’s hard to look past the social media hype and believe that the many posts are genuine. I’m sure there are good intentions, but to slap an MLK quote on a nice picture of the Reverend and look for “likes,” I believe, are far from what MLK intended with his legacy. Does the social media post gets lived out, or is it another façade of an image one is trying to create? The issue here lies not wholly the external expression, but the internal expression, because what is thought internally will be said externally. MLK Day should serve as a reflection in the mirror for everyone about how the Civil Rights pioneers lived their life, and how they treated their brothers and sisters of all backgrounds.

PTK Mental Health & Wellness Fair

Phi Theta Kappa will be hosting a Mental Health and Wellness Fair this Thursday,
November 16th , from 10 am – 3 pm in the Atrium. There will be a featured guest speaker panel from NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, at noon. Another highlight to look for are comfort dogs from Immanuel Lutheran. Any excuse will be good for someone to experience the benefit of therapy dogs. As many students are trying to get to Thanksgiving Break, this fair is a timely scheduled event for RVC students looking for momentum into the final stretch of classes.

The Problem With Puppy Mills

Upon hearing the words puppy mill, your brain probably produces some very negative thoughts.  You probably think of sad dogs with big eyes looking out from behind bars, but there is much more to it. According to The Puppy Mill Project, a puppy mill can be defined as a breeder who puts financial gain above the health and happiness of their dogs.  When this happens, the puppies produced in the mills end up being unhealthy and can have a lot of behavior issues that become a burden to the future owners of the puppy. Puppy mills are absolutely atrocious.  Life in a puppy mill is no life at all.  Mothers are shoved into tiny, wire cages that are stacked on top of each other with little room to move and no protection from heat or cold.  Every single heat cycle they are forced to breed, and when they no longer can breed, they are killed.  Dogs in puppy mills do not even get a peaceful death.  The breeders will barbarically drown or shoot dogs instead of euthanizing them humanely, simply because it saves money.  These dogs live in dirty, unsanitary conditions, where they can contract all kinds of horrible illnesses. So, why isn’t anyone doing anything about this problem?  Well, the Department of Agriculture is supposed to be overseeing the treatment of animals in commercial dog breeding facilities.  It is also supposed to be regulating the treatment of animals used for research and animals that are publicly exhibited in places like zoos.  However, it has been very lax in its evaluation of facilities that breed dogs.  It is estimated that Department of Agriculture inspectors “devote a maximum of 6 percent of their time enforcing the AWA.”  The health of the animals is often overlooked, and the mills are granted a license when they only meet minimal standards set by the Animal Welfare Act. The Animal Welfare Act, which was enacted in 1966, mentions only the care and treatment of animals.  The act takes the government out of anything having to do with the guidelines set in these facilities.  Therefore, if the puppy mill sees their dogs as being treated well and cared for (even when they are locked in small cages their whole lives, while being forced to have puppies every time they go through heat), they very well may be granted a license.  Clearly the owners of puppy mills should not be able decide if their facilities are safe and clean, since the reality is that many of them are dangerous and dirty.

Mind Over Matter: A Rock Valley Student Overcomes the Impossible

Last year, Morgan Gile seemed to be as normal and healthy as anyone else.  She loved running on the track team in high school, singing in choir and dancing in musicals.  She was working at Subway and a nursing home in Byron while also attending Rock Valley College as a full-time student. Morgan was going to school to be an artist.  She wasn’t sure what field of art she wanted to focus on, but she knew she wanted to create for the rest of her life.  She and her boyfriend Aaron lived in an apartment in Stillman Valley.  Everything seemed to be going very smoothly for Morgan, until she got the flu. In September of 2016, Morgan began to feel very sick.  She was constantly dizzy, had a fever and was throwing up.  She tried to push through it, thinking it was the flu and she would get over it soon enough.  But the sickness just kept getting worse.  Morgan could hardly stand without passing out from being so dizzy. She could not stop puking.  Morgan told her boyfriend to call an ambulance.  She knew that this wasn’t the flu.

The Unprecedented Legacy of Alan Webb

The outdoor track campaign is upon us with the spring weather and cool crisp air. These signs show track athletes across the nation are strapping on their spikes and waiting in anticipation for the weekend. Athletes will run their fastest, throw their furthest, and jump their highest. Young athletes usually have some sort of role model to look up and follow their example in hopes of becoming as great as they were. Each sport has their Michael Jordan.

Opening Day!

April has arrived and so has baseball. The Chicago Cubs took the nation on a thrilling ride to the World Series to become the World Champions, and that has left America restlessly waiting for baseball to return. Last season was special not only in part of the Cubs winning, but it was the 2nd highest home run scoring season in history. Big hits in big moments make all the difference. This season will offer more of the same excitement that was enjoyed last season.