Mind Over Matter: A Rock Valley Student Overcomes the Impossible

Last year, Morgan Gile seemed to be as normal and healthy as anyone else.  She loved running on the track team in high school, singing in choir and dancing in musicals.  She was working at Subway and a nursing home in Byron while also attending Rock Valley College as a full-time student. Morgan was going to school to be an artist.  She wasn’t sure what field of art she wanted to focus on, but she knew she wanted to create for the rest of her life.  She and her boyfriend Aaron lived in an apartment in Stillman Valley.  Everything seemed to be going very smoothly for Morgan, until she got the flu. In September of 2016, Morgan began to feel very sick.  She was constantly dizzy, had a fever and was throwing up.  She tried to push through it, thinking it was the flu and she would get over it soon enough.  But the sickness just kept getting worse.  Morgan could hardly stand without passing out from being so dizzy. She could not stop puking.  Morgan told her boyfriend to call an ambulance.  She knew that this wasn’t the flu.

The Unprecedented Legacy of Alan Webb

The outdoor track campaign is upon us with the spring weather and cool crisp air. These signs show track athletes across the nation are strapping on their spikes and waiting in anticipation for the weekend. Athletes will run their fastest, throw their furthest, and jump their highest. Young athletes usually have some sort of role model to look up and follow their example in hopes of becoming as great as they were. Each sport has their Michael Jordan.

Opening Day!

April has arrived and so has baseball. The Chicago Cubs took the nation on a thrilling ride to the World Series to become the World Champions, and that has left America restlessly waiting for baseball to return. Last season was special not only in part of the Cubs winning, but it was the 2nd highest home run scoring season in history. Big hits in big moments make all the difference. This season will offer more of the same excitement that was enjoyed last season.

The five best dance numbers of all time

When I survey the landscape of the music industry today, so many passionate and visionary artists come into view. These are people who heard the murmur of the world uniquely, and somehow possessed the discipline and talent to channel it in a beautiful way. Some mark a significant turn of an era or revolution of thought. Most all found it as a refuge; a release for elation, confusion or heartbreak. Music can also be a narration to everyday life. How much more enjoyable is driving in the car with a playlist or studying with a soundtrack? If there’s one thing that I especially love, it is to see music visually come to life in movements of sound and pattern.

Leslie Knope: the most influential person I’ve never met

Almost all the people in my life who have come along and inspired me are powerhouse women. Luckily, I’ve had many interactions with them, but one of these inspirational kickass women I have never met, and probably never will. That woman is Leslie Knope from NBC show Parks and Recreation. Why Leslie Knope? Here are 7 reasons why she is the best.

Alabama proves to be a powerhouse, dominant over college football

Anyone who follows college football knows that select teams dominate the sport and have been doing so for some time. One team cannot be left out of that conversation, and their recent success in past years is proof. Alabama’s staggering victories and impressive performances have caught the attention of recruiters, fans and sports analysts. Since it’s inception in 1992, Alabama has won 7 SEC Championship Games tying the record for most wins in that conference with the University of Florida (1992, 1999, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016). The four times Alabama has won the SEC Championship game, they have also claimed the national title (in the span of eight years, they have claimed four national titles).

How to ace your finals, study tips from the Valley Forge

College students are accustomed to stress. With all the essays, projects, exams and quizzes we have to prepare for, it’s not uncommon to hear students getting little sleep and feeling run down from everything they have to prepare for. These feelings of anxiety are doubled the last couple weeks before finals. There are some that have the general anxiety, but are prepared for the tests, and then there’s those who are stressed to the maximum and are worried they will not pass. According to College Fashion, now is the appropriate time to begin really putting in the work for finals.

Titanfall 2 Video Game Review

2016 turned out to be a fantastic year for the shooter genre. DOOM and Overwatch were two unexpected successes early in the year, and currently we’re being hit with shooter after shooter with Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and, of course, Titanfall 2. So it begs the question:  which one should you play? Respawn Entertainment, the developer of the Titanfall series, are known for their work with Infinity Ward on the Call of Duty franchise. While the first Titanfall didn’t exactly set the world ablaze, it became a cult classic before the player base died out. Respawn’s pedigree was evident in its quality, but it was criticized for it’s lack of a single player campaign and meaningful progression system–two things the ex-Infinity Ward developers revolutionized with their work on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

How to stay focused, tips for college students

The hardest thing for us students to do after a long day at school is to relax. Kick off your shoes, change into your “comfy clothes” and settle into your bed with a tasty snack to tide you over until dinner. But what about those nights when you have piles of homework to do or have endless pages of papers to write? You settle into the one spot where you know you’re bound to get at least one thing done, whether be that your desk, your bed, or a comfy couch, and make sure you do these 4 simple things to help make it easier to stay focused on what really needs to be done. 1.