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Paranormal Activity at Rockford University?

Hannah Watts- One pro (or con, depending on who you ask) about attending RVC is its distinct lack of ghosts. There are no ghouls haunting the Jacobs Center, no spirits in CLII, and, no, those students who seem to always be in the library are not, in fact, haunting it. So where do you go if you have an itch to see the paranormal? Where’s the perfect place to hear those sweet disembodied voices? One possibility might be closer than you think.

Sports 360: NBA All-Star Break & the Olympics

On this episode of Sports 360 we talk about:

NBA All-Star Break

Hot Takes

MLB Pitchers and Catchers report

Cubs sign Yu Darvish
Free Agency Pool

Super Bowl 52

Fly Eagles Fly

NHL Updates


Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

Gold Medal Count
USA updates
Favorite Events

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics: Where Are Our NHL Stars?

Maddi Smith- While the Winter Games are firmly underway, the women’s Olympic hockey schedule has started to see traction. The United States men’s team started the first game of their respective schedule yesterday morning, and they already have been upset in the first day of play by Slovenia in overtime to a score of 3-2. However, if you’re hoping to see your favorite NHL players, you’ll be sadly disappointed. This year, the National Hockey League (NHL) has chosen not to send players to represent their respective countries, breaking a streak that dates back to the 1998 Games hosted in Nagano, Japan. For the previous five Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) had paid for all costs accrued by these athletes, including travel fees, insurance, housing accommodations, and various other costs.

SpaceX Successful with Falcon Heavy Rocket

Nicholas Vaultonburg- On February 7th, SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy rocket. The Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket ever launched, more than doubling the carrying capacity of a NASA space shuttle. It’s also reusable, as its thrusters autonomously land on barges at sea. The launch happened at 3:45 EST as over 100,000 people had gathered near the Kennedy Space Center’s LC-39A rocket platform to watch the launch. The event was live-streamed on every major platform and had millions of viewers watching as the launch happened without any notable complications aside from a short delay due to unfavorable winds.

Influenza Season

Flu season is in full swing as the CDC has 39 states pegged as “widespread” for the Influenza virus. If you do find yourself  with flu-like symptoms, the CDC highly recommends a visit to the doctor’s office should be a high priority. At that point an anti-viral drug like Tamiflu would be prescribed to help shorten the effects of the Flu by 1 or 2 days by stopping the replication of the virus in the body. If you have had the fortune of being clear of the flu here are 5 things the CDC recommends for everyday prevention. Limit close contact with people under the weather.

Sports 360: Super Bowl 52

On this week’s episode of Sports 360 we discuss:

NBA Standings

Blake Griffin trade
Lebron speculation
City Jerseys
Hot Takes

NHL All-Star game

MacKinnon is out for 2-4 weeks. MLB Trades

Chief Wahoo logo removal from Cleveland

NFL Super Bowl 52 predictions

Alex Smith is traded to Washington
Where will Kirk Cousins go? Thanks for listening!

Harden’s Historic Night

Traditionally, achieving a triple-double in basketball was something that didn’t occur all that often. The past few NBA seasons has proved to be an unprecedented milestone for this notable feat. The most triple-doubles recorded in a single season was the 1988-1989 regular season with. Since then, there were 117 triple-doubles scored in the 2016-2017 season alone, the most in NBA history. With how today’s NBA players are performing, this season very may well show that up with the aggressiveness, speed, and talent we see on the courts now.

Sports 360 Episode 10: NBA All-Star Snubs

On this episode of Sports 360 we talk about:

RVC Basketball
NBA All-Star selections

Regular season updates
Hot Takes

NHL All-Star selections

Regular season updates

Super Bowl LII

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles



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NBA Playoff Hopefuls

We’re heading into the 14th week of the NBA regular season and so far, the playoff picture is already coming together. I’ll be talking about both sides of the league and who you can expect to break on through to the playoffs this season. Aside from the obvious contenders, I’ll be noting playoff contenders that are either on the bubble or dark horse teams that should get more credit, despite how they’re playing so far. Without further ado, here are my picks for this 2017-2018 NBA Playoffs. Returning from a brutal NBA Finals loss against the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers added some new talent to their roster with some controversial trades that has affected both sides of the floor.

MLK Day: Moving Forward

As Americans celebrated Martin Luther King (MLK) Day a few weeks ago, it’s hard to look past the social media hype and believe that the many posts are genuine. I’m sure there are good intentions, but to slap an MLK quote on a nice picture of the Reverend and look for “likes,” I believe, are far from what MLK intended with his legacy. Does the social media post gets lived out, or is it another façade of an image one is trying to create? The issue here lies not wholly the external expression, but the internal expression, because what is thought internally will be said externally. MLK Day should serve as a reflection in the mirror for everyone about how the Civil Rights pioneers lived their life, and how they treated their brothers and sisters of all backgrounds.