Can it really be done? Nike embarks on 2 hour marathon


Dating back to its inception in Ancient Greece, the marathon has been notably considered one of the hardest feats a person can accomplish.

In today’s modern era, elite runners have tested their physical and mental limitations to cover the 26.2 mile distance in as little time possible. But recently, multinational sports giant Nike has dared the impossible. In most track or road races, such as the marathon, there are benchmarks or standards as we like to call them, that separate the casual runner and the professional racers. If an ordinary runner can break 3 hours in the marathon, that is seen as above average. But to think that a person can dip under 2 hours in the marathon? You would be called crazy and your wishful thinking would be tossed to the curb. However, Nike thought differently.

Nike announced that they have selected three of top marathoners in the world to join them in what seems to be an insurmountable pipe dream. 2016 Olympic Marathon Champion Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya, two-time Boston Marathon Winner Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia and the world record holder in the half-marathon, Zersenay Tadese of Eritrea are the trio to take on the task. Named Breaking2, Nike plans to test and equip each one of the elite athletes with what is necessary to run a marathon in this unimaginable time. For perspective, the current world record for the marathon was set by Kenyan Dennis Kimmetto at the Berlin Marathon in 2014. Per mile, he ran 4 minutes and 41 seconds for 26.2 miles. To run under two hours for the marathon, one would need to run a pace of 4 minutes and 34 seconds each mile of the race. As insane as it sounds, can it be done? When the project launches in April of 2017, we may see history in the making.

(Pictures Credit : Runner’s World, )

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